Tomas Raska’s interview in Týden (The Weekly Magazine)

9. 6. 2017


Natland Management

NATLAND Group's majority owner Tomáš Raška will join the Czech billionaires rankings of the Czech magazine Týden (The Week). The editor-in-chief Ondřej Fér begins an interview with Tomáš Raška, published on April 18 under the title “I enjoy finding solutions where others cannot see them”, with the fillowing words: "Tomáš Raška has made successful projects in the financial sphere, built hundreds of flats and now, for example, is leading an expansion of technology projects to foreign markets."

In connection with investments in modern communication technologies Tomáš Raška says: “We have put together five companies and created MindForge technology hub. These organisation complement each other: they cover several areas from data collection through cyber security to artificial intelligence. And, most importantly, they have global ambitions. I really enjoy it. In addition, I can work with scientists, academics or experts with experiences from CERN and similar reputed institutions.” At the same time, Tomáš Raška he comments on the overall development of NATLAND group, whose value, which is based on equity, will oscillate aboutis approximately 1.5 billion CZK this year. "It does not matter But it really is not something I woke up with in the morningI am not be in business for this or something for what I am doing business,” comments Tomáš Raška. “The NATLAND Group never evaluates investments only in the short-term horizonshort run, it does not putwith an emphasis on immediate profit or sustained growth in the value of the investment ,” continues Tomáš Raška. Readers will learn find out further in the interview, that NATLAND has been able to build the largest fund manager of qualified investors in the Czech Republic over the last five years - Investment company AVANT . “Likewise, we have created practically from scratch one of the leading providers of consumer financing, company EC Financial Services - Express Cash . And that's not everythingall. NATLAND does not compete with banks in their service portfolio of services, but rather focuses on specific areas where individual solutions need to be found, such as financing companies in poor financial condition,” specifies Tomáš Raška in interview for magazine The Week, and adds thatin which he also mentioned, that he gets energy into for his business activities through in sports such as kickboxing, cycling or skiing.

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