The Čakovický Park Housing Project Is Going to Its Final Stage

7. 3. 2017


Natland Management

The Čakovický Park Housing Project which has started to be developed by M&K Real Estate (NG) in 2011, is going to its final stage. For this year, the housing units are prepared to be sold in the remaining two buildings.

At the beginning of March, the clients may start to choose from 63 housing units at the Sunflower building.

The housing units will be of 31m2 up to 94 m2 (from T1 up to T4). The smallest ones will be 30, the biggest are 4. Two housing units will be of T2 layout, 27 are of T3.

According to documentation, B-class energy building and housing units are “very cost-saving”. The emphasis on small apartments corresponds to a long term stable demand structure with the biggest interest in smaller and financially more affordable apartments.

M&K Real Estate awaits an excess demand over supply in the first days after the beginning of the sale. In such a case, according to the company´s representatives, a waiting list of interested clients is applied. In most cases, they have up to three days to clarify their financial possibilities and other necessities.

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