NATLAND Group and DRFG join their forces to undertake larger projects and fasten growth

13. 6. 2017


Natland Management

NATLAND Group and DRFG created an association, which was given the name Czech Private Capital, for their joint investment. The companies want to join their forces, especially in the field of real estate, finance and telecommunications, and gradually launch new projects on the market, too.

"There is no doubt that sharing of our experience, know-how and financial background will enable us to grow more dynamically," say both David Rusňák of DRFG and Tomáš Raška of NATLAND Group, founders and majority owners of Czech Private Capital. The value of DRFG real estate portfolio significantly exceeds CZK 2 billion. Even for NATLAND, the real estate sector represents one of the pillars of business: its project called Čakovický park, which stands for a construction of a total of 700 apartments, is a triple winner of the Real Estate Project of the Year survey. In the same domain, the company A-Plus, belonging to the DRFG portfolio, received several Construction of the Year awards. Thanks to this, Czech Private Capital (CPC) will be able to make use of opportunities in the market that would be more difficult to achieve for any of the companies as separate entities. Besides this, CPC has growth plans also in the financial sector. NATLAND has set up, for example, Avant, the largest domestic fund manager of qualified investors. Moreover, NATLAND has a toehold in the branch of consumer finance. Then, DRFG, apart from the real estate, manages also a bond fund, which has yielded more than 5% in the past 12 months. DRFG has in its portfolio, among others, a society with a stock broker license and an investment intermediary license. The two companies will benefit from their alliance also in the field of telecommunications, where DRFG is already a well-established player on the market. "NATLAND Group is, in turn, strong in technologies dealing with data processing, security analysis and interpretation, which have the potential to be used for joint projects of the companies," adds Raška. Parallelly with the joint business in pursuance of Czech Private Capital activities, Both NATLAND Group and DRFG keep their full autonomy.

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