ANO Credit Union Has Been Awarded Best Fixed Term Deposit of 2016

24. 1. 2017


Natland Management

Finpará Specialized Website for Financial Products announced results of its competition called “ – Financial Product of the year 2016“. The winner ofthe fixed term deposits´ category was the ANO Credit Union. According to evaluations, ANO Credit Union offers the best conditions.

The competition automatically includes all financial products of chosen types offered in the Czech Republic. Since last year, products of credit unions have been also evaluated in the category of Saving Accounts and Term Deposits. The winner was the ANO Credit Union which has been offering its fixed term deposits with the best rates on the market nearly over the year. At present, ANO Credit Union offers fixed term deposits at 3.5 per cent rent a year with limitedness of one up to ten years. A minimum deposit is of 20 thousand crowns and interests are credited on monthly basis or at the end of the term of deposited funds. “Best Finance Product of the Year” is evaluated and announced by analytical company Scott & Rose. ANO Credit Union has been already awarded the 1st place in the category of “Best Fixed Term Deposit of 2015“, by Website. ANO Credit Union is a strong, modern and innovative financial institution which offers managing of current accounts, deposit accounts and fixed term accounts to its clients. The SME segment is offered operating and investment credits, in particular.


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