The NATLAND Group has successfully terminated a transfer of its corporate structure to the Czech Republic. Its own capital has exceeded Czk 1 billion.

14. 12. 2016

The NATLAND Group - an investment and financial group, has successfully terminated a transfer of its corporate structure to the Czech Republic, as stated in its Annual Report 2015. At the same time, the Annual Report 2015 summarizes all investments realized by the Natland Group in 2015.

One of the NG main goals for 2015 was the termination of transfer of its corporate structure commencing in 2014, its restructuring with aim to increase the efficiency of management of the group activities. In January, 1st, 2015, the management of the parent company – the NATLAND Group, SE, decided to merge through unification with the company of NATLAND Finance S.a.r.l. “The reason of implementation of changes in corporate structure was the change of strategy and maximizationof transparency of the group and the business activities´ focus on the area of the Czech and Slovak Republic,” NG managing partner Tomas Raska says.

The new holding structure is currently formed by the Prague-based parent company of NATLAND Group, SE along with the following companies: NG Holding, a.s. (Inc.), concentrating the group´s ownership interests, NG Finance Investment Fund, a.s, responsible for project financing, NG Management, s.r.o. and M & K Real Estate, a.s. in charge of the group management and project management.

Another important objective of the NATLAND Group for 2015 and the following years remains maintaining of financial discipline, effective management and financial and credit engagement distribution with emphasis on investment returns. In 2015, the key ownership interests succeeded in stabilizing, starting a profitability turnaround which is going to be confirmed in 2016, as well. Thus, the NATLAND Group will achieve the positive economic result and so will keep further increase of the market value of its ownership interests.

Investments in 2015

In 2015, the investment company NATLAND Group bought a major share of the KLIKA BP joint-stock company, a share in BELLO and also a share in GOLF RESORT Karlovy Vary through Europe Golf Investments Ltd. “KLIKA – BP is one of the biggest companies providing a complex distribution and the maintenance of fire-fighting systems in the Czech and Slovak Republic. “Our goal is to turn it into the local market leader, with the NG´s help“, NG Investment Director Jan Dzbanek stated.

BELLO owns and operates a photovoltaic power plant with an installed plant output of 4,973 MW. The investment team of the NATLAND Group follows in its rich experience from the area of photovoltaics acquired during realization of its project Energy 21. „We are also pleased by a successful development of our participation in golf compounds in Prague and in Karlovy Vary. ZSG GolfChannel has even evaluated the Prague City Golf in Zbraslav as the most well-liked golf green in Prague”, Raska says.

An increasingly more important role in portfolio is played by the companies focused on digital technologies, data processing and data protection. Such projects are being currently consolidated within the tech-hub - MIND FORGE Group SE.


The NATLAND investment and financial Group has been successfully operating in the Czech and Slovak market since 2001. Its key activities include financial services for retail clients and medium-sized companies, corporate investments, investments in the area of distressed assets investments and real estates. The Group is actively involved in management of its companies in order to increase their performance, capital value and perceived brand value. „At the same time, we strain to achieve an ideal risk-return-ratio, between realized profits and creating lasting values. A similar principle, known as a golden ratio, is manifested also in many natural phenomena, in arts or in architecture”, describes Raska.

In 2015, comparing to 2014, the own capital of the NATLAND Group increased from less than Czk 1 B up to Czk 1,2 B. Accounting value of assets increased from more than Czk 1,6 B to Czk 2B, while the value of the group´s investments in 2015 increased to nearly Czk 800 million. In 2015, the NATLAND Group got a net profit of Czk 223 million. As a successful and profitable company, the NATLAND Group also fulfils its social responsibilities through its regular financial support of children with social and health handicaps. The NG actively supports Czech culture and sports, as well. It is the main partner of the Czech Ski Association, namely the alpine skiing disciplines and a sponsor of Krystof Kryzl, the Czech alpine skiing champion.

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