The European Challenge Tour will be held at the Prague City Golf Resort

5. 12. 2016

The prestigious golf tournament was initially planned to be organized in Slovakia. However, as the organizers did not feel enough support from the Slovak side, they decided to move it from the Penati Golf Resort, Senica, Slovakia to the Prague City Golf Resort, Zbraslav, Prague – a member of the NATLAND Group.

In 2017, apart from the traditional D+D Real Czech Challenge Golf & Spa Kunetická Hora, Dritec, the Czech Republic, organized in May, the second Challenge Tour golf tournament will be realized in the Czech Republic, namely at the Prague City Golf course in Zbraslav, Prague, from July 6th to 9th , 2017.

“It is certainly a great honour for us, to be host of the European Challenge Tour tournament. During the Challenge Tour representative José Maria Zamora´s visit we agreed only on slight changes of the black tee boxes and the golf course mowing method before the tour in order to prepare ideal conditions for such a prestigious sport event,” Prague City Golf marketing manager Milan Heidler says.

Thus, the Prague City Golf Resort has joined the top golf courses, it had already belonged to, according to his words, in the Czech Republic. Thanks to the fact that the second Challenge Tour tournament is organized in the Czech Republic, the number of tournaments the Czech players would earn promotion to will rise from eight to nine.

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