MindForge Tech Hub Has Entered into CleverMaps Company

9. 1. 2017

CleverMaps has announced changes to its ownership structure and the expansion of software development activities. MindForge tech hub, a member of the Natland Group, has entered into the company.

In 2013, CleverMaps was founded as a tech start up focused on modern maps applications in cloud – the so called clever maps. It has dominated and disposed of technologies for creating map applications to use analysis, combinations and extraction of location dates. MindForge has cooperated with CleverMaps on computerization of agriculture already in 2015 (CleverFarm). Its team has gradually elaborated applications for the wide scale of industries and users. It concerns applications for property administration, agricultural land administration, agricultural record-keeping, overview and proprietary preparation of linear constructions, construction monitoring and control or location analysis and geological marketing. News in the area of MindForge and CleverMaps joint projects will be announced by the Group in the first quarter of 2017.

Mindforge is a Brno-based company aimed on projects with global ambitions.

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